Ever wonder what an authentic Peranakan dish taste like? How about a fusion of seafood AND Peranakan, with a hint of Chinese,and a pinch of Malay feel? PREPARED EDIBLE for our Muslim customers? Sounds exciting doesn't it?  

We, from Seafarer Restaurant, will humbly cater to your cravings and excite your tastebuds, fulfiling the thirst for a Malaysian, 'Malaccan 'experience!

We have a wide variety of seafood, Chinese, as well as Malay delicacies. Not forgetting our Peranakan heritage, which traditional dishes we offer in a wide range!

We prepare our dishes with recipes that were humbly passed down through generations. Prepared with love, and it is also EDIBLE for our MUSLIM GUESTS to dine. With your dining experience accompanied altogether with the best sunsets, Beautiful picture-savvy sunsets!  Come experience it right at our doorstep!

Experience wonderful historic MELAKA in a new different exciting way, And we will do our best to give you a delightful dining experience, right here, At Seafarer.

Much love, happiness, and safe travels whenever your journey leads you to our humble Restaurant, SEAFARER RESTAURANT always WELCOMES YOU.


Food menu
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Come and enjoy our Watersport Activities such as fishing, waterskiing, banana boat, boatrides, etc. We provide to your ADVENTUROUS NATURE! 

Do come and enjoy our Watersport activities that we provide, such as fishing, waterskiing, island hopping, banana boat, boatrides, etc. We're just a PHONE CALL away, or FOLLOW your 

adventurous instinct and come drop by at our office right here at Seafarer Restaurant! Islands, Fishing spots, a taste of our waters, Come fuel your curiousity with us!


Seafarer Restaurant caters to Weddings, Private parties, Candle light dinners, Team-Building activities and many more! ADDITIONALLY, we also have a big Function Room that can be filled up to 100 people! 


Candle Light dinner

Ever fancy a beautiful, romantic dinner with your loved one? Come book and dine with our ARRANGED candle light dinner at Seafarer!  For more information, please contact us!


'Kampung' morning ride

Come experience a 'moped' ride in the morning through the kampung (village)! Visiting a  fish market by the beach, buying some fresh local vegetables from the farmers, and of course, having an authentic local breakfast to kickstart your morning! Interested for an adventure? Do contact us now!


Wedding Fucntions

A SPECIAL venue for a VERY SPECIAL day, what's not to do it RIGHT here by our beach?  We CUSTOMIZE and INNOVATE according to your NEEDS AND WANTS,  and you can count on us to FULFILL and cater to THE MOST SPECIAL DAY in YOUR LIFE, as it is always a BLESSING and HONOUR having such a JOYOUS occasion, right at our doorstep!
Celebrate it with us, Don't hesitate to contact us! 


See Melaka by Air

Always dreamt of seeing beautiful historic Melaka, high up in the skies?  Well dreams are a reality now! Come and experience it with our very own Helicopter Ride! With our LICENSED in-house Captain to pilot, Experiencing historic Melaka is never better!
COME book your place in advance for your Hellicopter experience! 


Island hopping

Did you know we have more then ten islands, right here in our Melaka waters? Here is your chance to experience them! Come explore, and journey on your very own private tour with us to the islands! Contact us now!


Team building

Nothing stays longer in a company than a true bondship between employer and employee. So come team-build  your team with us! A teambuilding day FILLED with watersport activities, a definite fun under the sun with lasting memories that will last for a lifetime!  contact us now!


Function room

A function room for private events? Contact us now!



Looking for a place to have a party? Maybe even throw one? Dont have to look any further! Seafarer is the place for you to realise and create the party of your dreams!. Contact us now!


Upcoming events in Seafarer.

31 December 2021

New Years Countdown Party

Come and enjoy a night of party by the beach with full on electronic music, DJ's, Many amazing people, And a whole lot of FUN! A BIG EVENT that HAPPENS every year at our beach with at LEAST a 1000 people attending, Come usher in the year 2018 with us! More information coming soon!


Mr. Mike and Cassie Thein, The husband and wife team who started the restaurant business more than 15 years ago. With the passion for authentic 'Peranakan' and seafood, as well as the knowledge for Boat-manufacturing, which is also the family's main core business, they're an example of diversity of mixing and joining what they love and are passionated about, all into one. Never the shy ones, they are always welcoming and bonding people with the warmest sincerity to share new experiences together! 

Mike Thein


Cassie Koh




Restaurant manager

Kelvin Thein

In-house manager

Jasper Bell

Watersports manager & Dive instructor





Don't hesitate to contact us!

Restaurant : +60 6 315 2693 
Office :         +60 6 315 5212


Seafarer restaurant Sdn. Bhd. 1516, Batang Tiga, Tg. Kling, 76400, Malacca, Malaysia 



Restaurant : +60 6 315 2693 
Office           : +60 6 315 5212


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